Poker Tournaments

online poker tournaments are basically a tournament where poker players compete by playing the game of poker. Starting from thousands of players playing in hundreds of tables, online poker tournaments usually conclude with just two players competing on a single table for the first place ("Heads-up" final phase in a tournament).

The winner of an online poker tournament is usually that one player who earns all the poker chips used in the tournament. Rest of the players are rewarded based on the time and position in which they got eliminated out of the tournament. In order to facilitate this process, most of the tournaments follow a blind structure which increases after each specific time intervals.

A player's chips in a tournament are used only for the purpose of determining his/her position in the tournament. Unlike cash games, tournament chips cannot be cashed out as real money. In order to enter a normal poker tournament, a player is obliged to pay a fixed buy-in amount in real cash, for which a certain quantity of tournament chips is given to the player as the tournament commences.

Some tournaments offers an option known as "Re-buy", in some tournaments re-buys are used in order to increase the quantity of a player's tournament chips. While in other tournaments, re-buys are conditional as it can be used only when you ran out of tournament chips or when you are low on chips. In some tournaments, once the re-buy period is over, all the remaining players in the tournament will be offered with "Add-on".

Add-ons provide a good quantity of tournament chips to cope up with the ever increasing blinds in the tournament. When a player has lost all of his tournament chips and if he/she is left with no options to do re-buy or add-on, the player will be eliminated from the tournament.

At, we offer several varieties of Texas Hold'em and Omaha tournaments like,

  • FREEROLLS:Tournaments providing free buy-ins
  • FREEZEOUT:Tournaments with no re-buy or add-on
  • RE-BUY ADD-ON:Tournaments with re-buy as well as add-on option
  • RE-ENTRY:Tournaments providing re-entry option but, with no add-on
  • DEPOSITORS FREEROLL:Deposit a min of Rs 2000 using promo DEPKQ and get a Free Ticket to the Weekly Mega Depositors Rs 1,00,000 GTD Free Roll tournament.