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Basic Strategies to Increase Chances of Winning in Poker

While playing the Texas Hold'em Poker different people use different strategies in order to increase their chances of winning the pot. Some strategies are more risky and therefore, more rewarding, as well. Similarly, there are some strategies that are less risky and therefore, less rewarding. Following are some strategies that usually results in favourable outcomes.

Strategies to Win Poker

  • Check-Raise by the Same Multiple:
  • Check-Raising is an action used in poker when a player declines to bet post-flop, that gives the player' opponents increased confidence to add more to the pot. The smart player raises the bet dramatically to his advantage, leaving the opponent open-mouthed. Even though Check-Raising is not a new manoeuvre for most of the players it is a wise but less known strategy to raise the pot by the same multiple in each street (Turn, River) that reduces the chances of a drop. Raising to huge pots at a favourable "Turn" card and minimum raising on a critical "River" card gives out the betting pattern and this can be picked up by the other players at the table making a players position vulnerable. Hence, it is a smart thing to raise the pot by same multiple as it increases the chances of staying in the game longer by not giving clues on the cards to the opponents.

  • Mastering Patience and observation:
  • Exercising the skill of patience is really important in the process of mastering poker. Being patient and keen observation are the main strategies to pick up "Poker Tells". Being patient and striking hard at the perfect moment after observing opponent’s mood, playing style and hand definitely increases the chances of winning a hand.

  • Staying Fit for the game Mentally and Physically:
  • To make clear and effective decisions in poker, a player must be physically and mentally fit. Sitting through 12+ hour tournaments is nothing new in the field of poker and many players usually play for a long stretch of time. To perform to the best of their ability for such long games good mental endurance and perseverance are required. Hence, many dedicated poker players are very particular about their diet and workout regime that is suitable for their physique.

  • The Heed:
  • Most importantly, winning a game like poker is situational. Being ready with one's skills and experiences to face any situation give a player an edge at the game over his or her opponents. As long as a player delivers all his attention to the game at hand, the chances of him or her winning increases manifold compared to the other players irrespective of what the flop brings.