Pot Limit Omaha

Omaha is a variation of the card game of Texas Holdem Poker. It is considered to be the second most popular form of online poker. In India, you can play Omaha Poker Online at kqpoker.com, a trusted Indian online poker site. Here, you will learn the basics and game play of Omaha poker:

1. Basics of Omaha Poker

Omaha Poker is a derivation from the popular form of Texas Holdem. Unlike Texas Hold’em, each player in Omaha is dealt with Four Hole cards face down. Just like in Texas Hold’em, Five community cards will be shown face up in three stages such as “Flop”, “Turn”, and “River”; community cards are common for all the players at a table. In Omaha, all players use exactly two of their four Hole cards combining with three of the community cards to make the best five-card poker hand.

Dealer (The Button)

Each player at the table takes their turn as the Dealer. A dealer button is used to represent a player in the dealer position; which rotates clock wise after each hand changing the position of the dealer.

Poker Dealer


In Omaha Poker, blinds take the place of an ante (forced contributions by all players). The Small blind is posted by the player positioned left of the Dealer; and the player next to the Small blind is known as Big blind. Big blind is equal to the minimum bet at a table, and the small blind is half of that.

Poker Blids

2. Beginning the play

Small blind and Big blind are played automatically; while the individual’s play begins with the first player positioned left to the Big blind. The player has the options to call the minimum bet (Big blind), raise, or to Fold his cards (which can be done at any point of the game). And these three options are applicable for all players till the play reaches the big blind. If none of the players raises; the Big blind has the options to either Check or Raise before the next round.

3. The Flop

Right after the first round of betting has been settled, the dealer keeps the top card of the deck face down; this card is known as burn card (discarded). After that the dealer shows next three cards out of the five community cards placed face up on the table, these three cards are known as Flop card. Each player now has 4 hole cards (personal) and 3 community cards (common). Next round of Betting or Checking begins with the player left to the Dealer.

Poker Flop

Here, {7, Q, 5} Are the Flop cards.


4. The Turn

After another round of Checking or Betting; the dealer burns the next top card on the deck, and then shows the 4th card of the five community cards, this 4th community card is known as the Turn card. As always betting starts from the player positioned left to the Dealer.

Poker Turn

Here, {J} is the Turn card.

5. The River

After the next round of betting; the dealer burns the next top card on the deck, and then reveals the 5th card which is called the River; completing the five community cards. In Omaha, the player must use only two of their four Hole cards (Personal) combining with exactly three of the five community cards (common). The player with the best hand (Visit: Poker Hand Rankings) among all hands generated will be confirmed as the winner of the game, and he wins the pot. In case all the other players folded for a bet made by the player; he will be considered as the winner and he does not need to show his or her hand.

Poker river

Here, {Q}is the River card