Poker School

Learning The Game of Poker

Poker, a card game, has been very popular for a long time now throughout the world. And so, it is no surprise that in this modern era of the internet there is also a huge popularity for online poker games. As a matter of fact, the popularity of online poker is increasing at a very rapid pace, especially in India. There are many reasons for this but the main reason is that online poker allows one to play at the comfort and privacy of one’s own home or preferred surroundings. Even though the popularity of poker in India has increased manifold in the recent years, there are many people who do not yet quite understand the game. For some of the new poker players it appears to be a tough game with weird lingos and complex rules. However, on the contrary, it is a very easy game and can be learned very quickly. It is not complicated at all. Now that you have reached “Online Poker School” of we will tell you all about the game so that you can begin the wonderful and exciting journey in to the world of poker with confidence.

Learning the Game of poker

Before we get started with Online Poker School, we should have a general idea about poker. Particularly, you should get an idea on several variants of poker, also the difference between “Cash Games” and “Tournaments” as well as between “no limit” and “fixed limit”. All the terms and phrases related to poker that you are about to learn right now will be described in details in later lessons. Please note, the time taken to learn poker varies from person to person. So never think that your pace is slow. It is more important to learn the basics properly and have proper understanding of the game than to skim through the lessons to quicken your learning pace.

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, there are several variants of poker like, “seven-card stud” or “five-card draw”. But, presently the most popular variant of poker which is played around the world is “No-limit Texas Hold’em”. Sometimes this is shortened to NLHE. In this game each players are given two “hole cards” and are allowed to bet all of their chips at any point of the game. From here onwards, the word “poker” in the lessons will mean “No Limit Texas Hold’em” poker variant, unless otherwise stated. Texas Hold’em poker is already the most popular variant of poker is also the easiest to learn.

A Texas Hold’em table can be easily identified by noticing the number of hole cards dealt to any one of the players. If the number of hole cards is “two” the game is none other than Texas Hold’em. You can find several Texas Hold’em tables when you open the lobby of for the first time.

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