It's hunting season at kqpoker.com, are you one of those real-money players who spend a lot of time on cash tables? Here is an awesome surprise for you! As you may have already figured out from the title name of this article, we are on a quest to find out poker players who are interested in making the game of poker their profession. kqpoker.com is on a hunt amongst the talented poker players from all over India.

KQPH is an unique as well as an exciting promotion, were we are planning to hire a poker pro. At the end of the Hunt the poker pro who gets selected in KQPH will be officially announced as a permanent representative of kqpoker.com.

Now let's have a deeper look into KQPH:

Basic rules & regulations for playing KQPH:

  • Before applying for KQPH, make sure that you have a proper knowledge on online poker as well as quite a good experience in playing poker in the past.

  • The number of maximum players in KQPH is 100

  • INR 5,000 will be the starting bankroll for each players participating in KQPH.

  • Texas Hold'em and Omaha Poker will be the variation of poker applicable for KQPH.

  • In KQPH, you will be playing cash games. KQPH is played in the following limits:[1/2][2/4][3/6][4/8].

  • You can play on any number of tables at the same time in KQPH.

  • Your main mission in KQPH is to play a target amount of 10,000 hands in Texas Hold'em or Omaha Poker within a period of 30 days.

  • The players who are selected in the KQPH will be assigned with new user ID to challenge in the KQPH.

Benefits of playing KQPH:

  • On completing the target amount of 10,000 played hands, 100% of the profit generated by the player will be credited to his/her main account.

  • The winner in KQPH will be officially offered to be a permanent representative of kqpoker.com by joining the KQ team.

  • Accepting the above deal will make you eligible for a long term staking deal as well as you will receive special coaching and guidance from mentors.

  • Excluding the winner of KQPH, the remaining top 9 players will receive a distributed share from a prize pool of Rs.50,000/- as Real Cash Bonus (RCB).

Precautions and penalties to be considered while playing KQPH:

  • Losing the complete starting bankroll as well as non-completion of target hands can result in a penalty of the refundable deposit of INR, 1000.

  • Player to player transfer, chip dumping, collusion play, transferring balance to main account will lead to permanent blocking of both accounts and he/she will be disqualified from the KQ Pro Hunt.

  • Players who are selected for the KQPH are not allowed to play tournaments with their assigned user ID nor make any withdrawals from that used ID.

The player who has the maximum profit after completion of 10,000 hands wins the KQ Pro Hunt Challenge by the end of Dec 14th, 2016 by Midnight.

The updates will be posted once every week on the standings.

Players who have completed the 10,000 hands in an earlier time need to continue playing to earn maximum profit to be on top of the KQ Pro Hunt to win the challenge.

In summary, winner must have completed a minimum of 10000 handls with highest profit by the end of Dec 14th, 2016/

Deposit Rs 1000/- using Promo Code: KQPHUNT